This is how writing instruments become elegant advertising media!

Our mission is to create an optimal writing advertising medium. For this we use the most innovative and modern finishing park in Europe. We are happy to share our many years of experience with you to ensure satisfaction in the long term. In order to achieve the best printing results it may be necessary to underlay the print with white or to implement a double print. In these cases we will coordinate additional printing costs with you. 

Depending on colour or material (transparent housing) we recommend the use of printing inks with a high contrast to the color of the pen. This optimizes visibility and the legibility of the print.The duarbility of printing inks on plastic models can be not compare with the special surface qualities of metal writing instruments (pressure key MT/MS) or rubberised soft-touch surfaces (pressure key GT). The printing results on these surfaces are basically stable, but higher abrasion probabilities apply and a lower scratch resistance than prints on plastics.

At the end of the day - and thank goodness for it - much remains a matter of personal preference. Which is why we recommend that you simply make up your own mind - then place an order today for samples of your favourite! Our team > will be delighted to help you with any questions you may have.

Welcome to the world of promotional ballpoint pens –  welcome to the world of uma.

Silk printing

This is the most popular and efficient method of finishing writing instruments by printing on the barrel. The image to be printed will be generated from the artwork and then applied to the screen using a photochemical process. In this process, only the areas of printing are permeable to ink, causing images to appear on the print substrate by means of a pressing process.

With screen printing it is possible to achieve multi-colour and all-round prints, which makes optimum use of the promotional surface of the ballpoint pen. This means, that line as well as grid templates can be implemented. Please contact our experts if you require further detailed information.

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Pad printing

Pad printing allows to print on concave and convex surfaces. When it comes to printing on clips it’s mostly done by pad printing or multi-coloured image printing. A film will be generated from the artwork, thereof a cliché will be created. By using a silicone pad (like a rubbered stamp) the colour will be transferred from the cliché onto a substrate.

The advertising surface of cylindrical writing instruments have a maximum height of 2/3rds of the diameter. Pad printing can be used on any material.

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Laser technology

The laser technology opens up completely new possibilities of manufacturing because even finer and more precise processing are possible, with any materials.

Especially with metal surfaces, the laser shows its full strength, by removing accurate to the millimetre a fine layer of the writing instruments surface.

Thanks to the latest laser technology, high-gloss personalisation and 360°-engraving are included in the uma assortment. 

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Classic and expressive appears the cauterisation on pure metal. At first a film will be generated from the artwork, afterwards a template for the cauterisation. By using an electrolyte solution and the supply of power the metal will be inducted and changes its colour into an anthracite, black background.

This procedure suits for smaller, single-line logos. 

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uma-Visual (V)

Product images, advertisement motifs, your own design drafts and entire image portfolios – the new uma VISUAL finishing method opens up almost endless individual design choices all around the entire barrel of plastic writing instruments.

Under pressure and the effect of the heat, the carrier foil transports the print onto the barrel. The pressed motif covers the barrel completely (360 degree-print). 

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relief print

Feel your advertising message. With the relief print any logo becomes tangible. Additional to normal pad, silk or digital printing the logo will be covered by a clear UV lacquer. The additional lacquer gives the logo a visual 3D effect and a special glance. 

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Doming (D)

The manufacturer process of a curved, decorative, three-dimensionally surface coating is called doming. The coating consists of synthetic resin and usually has a glassy high transparent visual effect. This effect intensified the aesthetic impression of the motif. It can be placed on plastic as well as on metal writing instruments. 

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digital printing

Impress your customers – rapidly, directly and with a personal touch – digital printing enables your desired ballpoint pen to be created very simply. Curtains ups for your ideas and on a gamut of promotional messages: Brightly coloured logos, colour schemes and gradations, even in small production runs – virtually no other printing technique delivers this level of flexibility.

All you need to consider is, the colour shades which will here be converted into CMYK, may vary slightly from the exact PMS colours. The printing technology is limited to plane surfaces and can’t be used on concave and convex surfaces. 

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It doesn't always have to be brightly coloured. This shade-in-shade enhancement constitutes an elegant way to communicate stylish promotional messages. Matt black surfaces with high-sheen, slightly embossed printing patterns create a visual and tangible distinction in an advertising landscape that is often a kaleidoscope of colours.

Available with screen-printing, pad-printing or digital printing. Shade-in-shade enhancements can be implemented using various printing techniques - another new option being the use of laser technology for shade-in-shade printing on selected models.

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High-gloss laser engraving

uma's mirror finish on metallic writing implements shows  This, the most durable and high-value plating level for writing implements, imbues every logo or individual name with a very special sheen. This reflective silver engraving contrasts very impressively with the matt body colours, naturally enough with 360-degree all-round engraving.

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Printing specifications

Printing templates

An optimal printing result requires optimal printing templates. For the different finishing technologies we need vectorised print files with a minimum resolution between 600 and 1.200 dpi – optimal EPS-files. TIFF or JPG files with a similar resolution are also suitable. 

Provided films can only be used after examination of our in-house graphic department and also in case of screen printing. For multicolour-, halftone- and pad printing only in-house films can be used. 

Data transmission

We are able to work with the following software versions:

MAC: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress, InDesign. PC: Corel Draw.

For data transmission you could use the uma Cloud or via E-Mail.

For safety reasons and potential inquiries with data transmission we ask for company information, telephone and order number. 

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